About Me

A Little About Me…

I love being a makeup artist!  It’s been 18 years and I still find it exciting, challenging and rewarding! Classic or clean and soft, retro chic, or sexy glamour describe my style of makeup.  I also like to think outside the box and embrace change which can make for some interesting and fun makeup designs.

I’m really happy to have been named as a top 20 & top 5 Canadian makeup artist. That was an awesome feeling!

As a makeup artist, I enjoy both beauty and special effects makeup…it’s beauty or the beast!

As a platform makeup artist & makeup educator, I had the opportunity to work with the lovely Eva Avila and to have been featured as a key speaker and as part of a panel of makeup experts at the Canadian Makeup Show.

For over a decade I’ve been teaching professional makeup art at various colleges and also had the opportunity to cofound and establish a private career college for makeup artistry.  Mentoring new artists and giving back to the industry makes me feel great!  Teaching makeup and painting; both canvas and face, are two of my greatest passions.

I take pleasure in teaching women how to get gorgeous, and in sharing my tips and secrets.   Giving makeup lessons so women can apply makeup with skill and put their best face forward is something I truly enjoy!

With lots of love,


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